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May 3-5, 2019
Parade Day is May 4th!
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kinetic kids club

Kinetic Kids club POINCIANA

Artist Coach: Crystal Smith

kinetic kids club sugarloaf

Artist Coach: Crystal Smith

Pre-Parade Workshop

key west montessori charter school

Students from the Key West Montessori Charter School, along with Lynn Barras, Michelle Anthony and Alexis Hopkins created this massive Peace Dove as their entry in the first Kinetic Sculpture Parade. Student Participants:
Students and teachers use pedal-power to propel their larger-than-life Peace Dove down Duval Street.  
KW Montessori Charter School students were handing out origami paper birds and promoting World Peace at the 1st Annual Papio Kinetic Sculpture Parade. 

sigsbee charter school

Sigsbee Charter School students under the direction of Heather Hazard banded together to create the Sigsbee Special Forces Kinetic Sculpture. Their team motto: "Feel secure when the fleet comes." Student Participants: list of names included here. 
Sigsbee Student lines their Kinetic Sculpture up for the kick off of the parade. 
Sigsbee Students escorted their Special Forces sculpture in military costumes. 

key west high school: gay/straight alliance + Drum line

The Key West High School GSA, led by Alida Miller, created an art bike accompanied by a miniature Southernmost Point Buoy and Conch Shell for their Kinetic Sculpture Entry. The KWHS Drum Line joined the parade with aquatic decorated instruments. 
The KWHS GSA Parades down Duval Street on their pride-themed art bike. 
The KWHS Drum Line was particularly festive marching down Duval Street, 

horace o'bryant school

Under the direction of Seana Cameron and Jimmy Wray, the HOB STEM Class created a collection of Kinetic Sculptures. The sculptures include: The Dragon- from mythological and literary times (Andres Pena), The Tardis – a Time Travel and Solar system (Eszter Gurdon), The Big Blue – an ocean life science scene (Sadie Dodds), The Cobra - An ancient Egyptian montage (Nelson Sawyer), Sacred Feathers; the Greek Rooster Walkers – These birds were valued elements of the ancient world(Seana Cameron –(teacher), Kendra Johnson, Priscilla Castro-Sanchez, and Angela Boeskool.
Without intending it, the children have represented the various elements for their learning experiences. They have thus chosen to change their collective title to, “Our Times”.
Teacher, Seana Cameron, leads her students on their kinetic sculptures and art bikes down Duval Street. 
Student, Andres Pena, steers his kinetic sculpture, The Dragon, down Duval Street. It was inspired from mythology and literature. 

We Cycle Bike Shop Donates Trikes to local Schools!

Local schools participating in the 1st Annual Papio Kinetic Sculpture Parade pose on their brand new tricycles donated by WeCycle Bikes. Key West Art & Historical Society presented checks to local schools to support the creation of their Kinetic Sculptures for the 1st Annual Papio Kinetic Sculpture Parade.